The First Reactions To 'Avengers: Endgame' Say Your Captain Marvel Theories Are Right

Plus, Captain America is so hecked off with Thanos he develops a potty mouth.
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The hype for Avengers: Endgame is getting a bit silly now. Come on, it is. Tickets are reportedly going for $2,000 on eBay, for heaven's sake. Who even uses eBay these days? You might as well use Lycos or a wax cylinder.

Anyway, just to ramp things up even more a new segment of the film has been shown to a tiny group of fans. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a snippet of Endgame lasting "several minutes" was screened at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last week.

Obviously you'd like some details. Well, we know that in this tiny segment the usually wholesome-as-apple-pie Captain America flips his bequiffed wig at Thanos, snapping: "Let's get that son of a bitch." Quite mild given that Thanos killed half of the universe, but then again Captain America cussing at anyone is as out of character as it would be for Fiona Bruce to sign off from the News at 10 by spinning around in her swivel chair, vigorously and double-handedly flipping the nation off.

Most crucially though, the theories circulating about the importance of Captain Marvel to the remaining Avengers' plans to sort out Thanos once and for all sound like they'll be borne out. After being convinced that going after Thanos alone isn't a great idea she notes that, "before, you didn't have me," and reportedly suggests using the Infinity Stones to undo the snap.

It sounds like Nebula tells the group that she knows where Thanos is knocking about these days - somewhere called 'the garden' - and the whole thing ends on a nice little joke. Before the gang jump on the spaceship to go sort Thanos out, Rocket asks who's never been to space before. Black Widow is the only one to raise her hand. Ho ho.


So, it sounds like all those fan theories suggesting that Captain Marvel would be instrumental in defeating Thanos and recapturing the Infinity Gauntlet to reverse the effects of the snap were basically on the money.

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