The Last of Us New Multiplayer Game: Everything We Know

HBO viewers: get ready to become gamers.

With The Last of Us wrapping up its incredibly successful first season on HBO, the video game series has now acquired a whole new world of fans. Over eight million people tuned in to watch the season finale last weekend, according to Variety, even though the series was competing with the 95th Academy Awards. Leading up to Season Two, you have to imagine that Naughty Dog—the studio behind The Last of Us games—will surely be looking for ways to turn those viewers into gamers.

Naughty Dog will kick things off by rereleasing The Last of Us Part I remake for PC on March 28. But creator Neil Druckmann is putting his brain power toward its next project. As much as fans will likely be shouting for The Last of Us: Part III, the franchise isn't ready to move forward just yet. After all, the series still has to work out how to adapt the second entry into multiple seasons of television before thinking about the future. Plus, some fans of the HBO series who are looking to join the hype around the games might not be interested in jumping ahead in the story. So Druckmann has something else big planned.

The studio recently announced that a rumored multiplayer game that takes place in the world of The Last of Us is currently in development, with more specific information to come "later this year." The game will also be standalone experience, meaning that you wouldn't have had to play any previous The Last of Us titles to join in on the fun. Still, I wouldn't expect Naughty Dog to just release a Fortnite or Apex Legends clone. "The project is shaping up to be a fresh, new experience from our studio, but one rooted in Naughty Dog’s passion for delivering incredible stories, characters, and gameplay," Druckmann revealed in a blog post on the studio's official site.


Speaking in an interview with Kinda Funny on YouTube, The Last of Us creator added that it's been "an interesting experience for me personally because it’s the first The Last of Us game that I’m not the primary writer, I’m not the director." Instead, Druckmann gets to "play more of a producer role and more of a mentor role," adding, "what the team has put together is so cool." Hopefully, the new game will give me what I really want—the ability to play as one of the clickers.

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