The New Pope Teaser Confirms That Jude Law Is the Sexiest Pope

Sorry, John XIX.

Two years ago I did a little deep dive into the last 2,000 years of the papacy to find out if Jude Law's pope in The Young Pope was in fact the youngest pope. It turns out, that title goes to Benedict IX who is believed to have been as old as 20 when he took the job.

But I could not answer the question of who is the sexiest pope?

There are some strong contenders like Pope Liberius, with his chiseled nose and fantastic beard who served in 310. John XIX had a pretty damn good head of hair for the year 975. Who could forget Pius VII, who had kind of a Willem Dafoe thing going on. And have you seen young photos of our current Pope Francis? The guy could get it!

But I submit to you for consideration this gif of Jude Law from the trailer for The New Pope:



Did Liberius ever walk a beach, wearing a Speedo among women in bikinis playing volleyball in slow motion? Records from the year 310 aren't complete, but I would wager he did not.

As such, I feel confident in making the claim that Jude Law is the Sexiest Pope.

That said, the Catholic Church still has an opportunity to top Jude Law's pope in the future. Let me remind you that there is no age requirement to be pope, and given that he's already a saint, Harry Styles could be a strong contender for the title of Sexiest Pope, if the church plays its cards right.

Anyway, The New Pope is due out later this year, and you will be watching.

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