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Unstoppable: The Queen's Gambit Continues to Break Netflix Records

The fascinating chess drama has also sparked an interest in the game itself.
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It's hard to pinpoint exactly why The Queen's Gambit is so captivating. Is it Anya Taylor-Joy and her undeniable charisma as the severely misguided Beth Harmon? Is it the incredible world building of '50s and '60s Americana? Is it the series' ability to make chess so accessible (and well, interesting)? Whatever it is, it looks like us Pinoys aren't the only ones obsessed with the period drama. Netflix announced that The Queen's Gambit is now their most watched scripted limited series—all thanks to the record 62 million households that tuned in the first 28 days of streaming!


The series has been on the Philippines' Top 10 list pretty much daily since end of October; it is at the fourth spot as of writing. And as for the 62 million households? Well, Netflix says that Harmon and her chess prowess made it to the Top 10 lists in 92 countries—do note that around 160 countries have access to the streaming platform, so imagine more than half of those hooked on The Queen's Gambit—and even ranked number one in 63 countries!

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Plus, if you still doubt the series' power, then note that the Walter Tevis novel it was based on is back on The New York Times bestseller list, nearly four decades after it was first published in 1983. People are also suddenly searching "How To Play Chess" with Google noting a nine-year peak for those keywords, added Netflix in another tweet. So if you haven't watched it yet, then trust us (and the rest of the world), you're definitely missing out on this Netflix gem.

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