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There's a Black Mirror 'Bandersnatch' Ending You've Completely Missed

Pick the photo up twice for a surprise cameo
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You've had enough time now to properly rummage so thoroughly through all the decision trees and endings of Black Mirror's DIY 'Bandersnatch' episode that you're slowing down conversations by internally running the pros and cons of every single response you give, but you've still managed to miss an Easter egg.

Possibly concerned that nobody had managed to jump on this alternate reality, Netflix gave a big pointer on Twitter.

So what happens if you do pick up the photo twice? Obviously, spoilers ahoy from this point on.

You get to say hello to Jerome F Davies, the designer of the game Bandersnatch within the episode who was possibly inspired by Philip K Dick and whose life story - or life stories - protagonist Stefan is reading up on in the book The Lives Of Jerome F Davies. Davies pops up in Stefan's dream and suggests he go back and pick up his book instead.


It's a feedback loop essentially—you need to pick up the book to move on, so it's more like a cul-de-sac you need to back your way out of than a narratively satisfying ending. And no, it's not as exciting as launching tea at a computer or chopping your dad into tiny chunks, but it's nice to know it's there, isn't it?

Charlie Brooker's got more ideas for interactive episodes too. "I think I would do another interactive thing. It's been really fascinating doing this because I learnt a lot, it's sort of half way between writing a story and writing a piece of software," Brooker told Sky News. "Midway through I was thinking I will never ever do that again, and then annoyingly I've had some other ideas which maybe aren't even Black Mirrorthings where you could use this in a way."

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