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The 15 Best Uses of 'F*ck' in Movie History

Please put on your f*cking headphones

Few words in the English language are as satisfying as a good fuck. Go ahead—say it right now. Sound your barbaric fuck over the rooftops of the world. Feels good, doesn't it?

Though Hollywood has had a long and complicated history with swearing in general, it's widely believed that 1970's M*A*S*H was the first major picture to use "Fuck." Since then, Hollywood has gone fucking nuts with it.

Below, please enjoy the best f-bombs in cinema history. (You might want to put in some headphones, just in case there are some fucking kids around.)


The Fucking Context: An action-movie montage, set to a jingoistic song that Toby Keith could have written.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: Anytime America does something dumb, this song plays in my head. This song has been playing in my head nonstop for about 18 months.


Raging Bull—"YOU FUCK MY WIFE?"

The Fucking Context: Robert De Niro is understandably upset that his wife has had sex with Joe Pesci.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It's always nice to revisit a pre-give-up De Niro.



The Fucking Context: Fancy king overcomes severe stutter through the medium of f-bombs.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It is satisfying to watch prissy people swear.


Donnie Darko—"GO SUCK A FUCK"

The Fucking Context: Gyllenhaal family dinner gets real.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: Like the movie itself, it makes no fucking sense.




The Fucking Context: Bruce Willis gets catchphrase, runs with it.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It might not be all that great. Bruce Willis might have just worn us the fuck down.


The Usual Suspects—THE LINE-UP SCENE

The Fucking Context: We meet the usual suspects, they yell at us.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: The sheer variety of fucks. Morose, gleeful, bemused, thoughtful, morose. Fuck really spreads its wings here.


South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut—CARTMAN SAYS FUCK IN CLASS

The Fucking Context: Cartman has learned the f-word, and he is eager to share his findings.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It harkens back to the delicious, forbidden f-bombs of early childhood.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall—"JUST SAY FUCK THE LEMONS AND BAIL"

The Fucking Context: Paul Rudd's zen surfing instructor shares his philosophy.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It's the truest thing we've ever heard.



The Fucking Context: Booger from Revenge of the Nerds spits hot truth.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It's true. Why the fuck do you think we're doing this?



The Fucking Context: The makers of a fake movie share an inside joke.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: "Oh! Because it sounds like ah, go fuck yourself!" – [Me, four months after having seen Argo.]


History of the World Part I—"FUCK THE POOR"

The Fucking Context: The Roman Senate reveals its true purpose.

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What Makes It So Fucking Great: It has never not been super fucking relevant.


Goodfellas—"FUCK YOU PAY ME"

The Fucking Context: The Mafia's guiding principle, laid bare.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It was very nearly the thing Donald Trump had embroidered on his campaign hats.


Wolf Of Wall Street—ALL OF IT

The Fucking Context: The whole movie is one nonstop f-bomb

What Makes It So Fucking Great: It's all the fun of cocaine—without the expense, strained personal relationships, and heart trauma.


Blue Velvet—"LET'S FUCK"

The Fucking Context: Dennis Hopper wants some.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: Who among us hasn't longed, just once, to shout this out loud?


The 40 Year Old Virgin—CHEST WAXING

The Fucking Context: Steve Carell gets his chest waxed, the world is made to feel his pain.

What Makes It So Fucking Great: People so rarely suffer for their art these days.

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* Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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