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This 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theory Says We've Not Seen the Last of Hodor

And he could end up tipping the balance in the final battle

Nobody was happy when Game of Thrones' beloved giant Hodor died, but one increasingly popular fan theory says that we've not seen the last of him. Unfortunately, though, he's probably not going to be in the best nick if it turns out to be right.

Reddit users have pointed out that Hodor was taken out by Wightsreanimated corpses doing the bidding of the Night Kingin season six while he was finally holding the door he'd been aching to for his whole life. However, we never saw what happened to Hodor's body after that.

As Samwell Tarly once pointed out, "only fire will stop them." That's led a lot of fans to speculate that since we never saw Hodor's body cremated, he's going to come back as one of the undead, icy blue-eyed and fighting the Starks and their forces at the enormous battle for Westeros that's coming in season eight.

That could mean Hodor ends up being a decisive factor in the final showdown. Wights can take a lot of punishment, up to and including dismemberment and beheading, and can only be stopped by lighting their extremely flammable skin alight or with weapons made of dragonglass.

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