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Tom Holland in Uncharted Is the Captain of the Indiana Bros

Is Tom Holland growing out of his role as Spider-Man?

Expeditions: they don't come cheap. You need to have the kit. A personal trainer too, probably. For there are tents to be bought and ropes to climbed and artifacts to be illegally pilfered from their home countries to be sold onto a minor Mitteleuropean aristocrat. Factor in nine months off work too, Lara Croft's country estate with a fridge big enough to lock a butler inside begins to make sense (if you know, you know). The business of treasure hunting is a privileged one.

For some time, top tier brands have been looking to the expeditionary threads of a young Harrison Ford. Now, they've found their new hero.

Now, Tom Holland is joining Ms. Croft et al. The Devil All The Time star has gone from playing hillbilly gothic to PlayStation hero proper as Nathan Drake: the wise-cracking, treasure hunting protagonist of the bestselling Uncharted series, which is due a big-screen adaption by way of Venom director Ruben Fleischer.


Video game adaptations are, well, video game adaptations. But still, we're hoping it will be much better than 2003's Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. (One can argue that anything is much better than Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.) But what adds to the dazzling world of professional vine swinging is the moves of blue-chip menswear. Cargo trousers are big. Big rompy, stompy boots are bougie. Henley shirts are made of the finest materials going, and always in a shade of Hampshire heir beige. Holland, then, isn't just the new face of Uncharted. He's the Indiana Bro personified.

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Defined as a man that dresses like an expeditionary without the baggage of an international theft crime, he wears cargo trousers – the fanciest kind possible – and field jackets so durable (and so well-made) that you wouldn't dream of risking such quality drill cotton in a room of throwing darts. What's more, fine Italian brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Aspesi have put the Indiana Bros on the radar, elevating rugged clothes with the sort of craftsmanship that can elicit silent, joyous tears at Pitti Uomo. This is ordinary clothing made with extraordinary materials. The Italian tailors take this stuff very seriously.


Like your sabbatical in the ancient caves of Mesopotamia, this stuff costs. But with Tom Holland as the new poster boy of the Indiana Bros – and as an actor with an ever-swelling Hollywood cachet – the appetite for the expeditionwear of home county heirs will be larger than ever. Saving up for that deposit on Croft Manor can wait.

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