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The Sparrow Academy Superheroes Certainly Have Every Super Power Covered

Let's run through all the wild shit the new Hargreeves counterparts can do.

With the new season of The Umbrella Academy hitting Netflix today (June 22), audiences met a new batch of Hargreeves—all bursting with a wide array of abilities and powers.

In case your memory needs some refreshing, the ending of Season 2 finds The Umbrella Academy superheroes accidentally time traveling to 2019, where the Hargreeves mansion remains intact. However, this isn't their 2019. Rather it is a parallel universe where in place of The Umbrella Academy, they instead find The Sparrow Academy, also built and developed by their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who, by the way, is alive and well.

While there, they find that the academy also has seven superheroes who were born on the same day and adopted by the same dad. But though they may share a similar set up, their powers are different. Let's meet the Sparrow Academy counterparts and their superpowers.

Marcus, Number 1

Portrayed by Justin Cornwell, the Number 1 of Sparrow Academy has the power of super strength, making him quite like his Umbrella Academy counterpart.

Ben, Number 2

When the Umbrella Academy Hargreeves stumble on this new timeline, they encounter a familiar face – Ben, their brother that they lost in their world is alive and well in this world. And, he's kind of an asshole. The role is once again reprised by Justin H. Min who plays the ghost of Ben in The Umbrella Academy that only his brother Klaus is able to communicate with. In the Sparrow Academy, he holds the same powers and tentacles.

Fei, Number 3

Completely blind, Fei can see the world through the eyes of crows that she can summon at whim. She can also use them to attack. The clip in the trailer sees her scaling rock and a crow landing on her shoulder, adding to all of the mystery. She is played by Britne Oldford.


Alphonso, Number 4

Played by Jake Epstein, Alphonso's superpower is that he can make others feel the pain that is inflicted on him. Could be handy in a fight, I must say.

Sloane, Number 5

Genesis Rodriguez plays the Sparrow Academy's Number 5, who has the ability of gravity manipulation. She can make herself, and other people fly.

Jayme, Number 6

A bit of a hard ass, Jayme, played by Cazzie David can make people hallucinate with her venomous spit.

Christopher, Number 7

Christopher is probably the most powerful of the Sparrow Academy Hargreeves, or rather the character with the most abilities. The only catch is this character is... well, not a real person. Christopher is actually a telekinetic cube that harnesses the ability to manipulate the temperature of a room to make it freeze, induce fear in the minds of beings and can actually paralyze people through this.

To see more of The Sparrow Academy characters, check out the new teaser trailer from Netflix below.

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