4 Takeaways from the Voltes V: Legacy Mega Trailer

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After years of waiting, the trailer for the Filipino adaptation of the classic Japanese anime Voltes V finally dropped simultaneous with the country’s welcoming of 2023. It’s been a long, hard road for GMA Network, who took a chance and secured the rights to produce a live action version of the beloved animated series, which first aired in the late 1970s. 

The challenge, as with most remakes or “reimaginings,” is clear: how to make an faithful and accurate version of something that millions of people grew up watching but also updating it to appeal to more contemporary audiences. Based on the five-minute “mega” trailer, we have high hopes that the showrunners are able to do both.

Here are four takeaways we got from the trailer: 


Looks Like They Enhanced Voltes V's CGI in the Revamped Teaser Trailer

Watch The Teaser Trailer of GMA's Live-Action Voltes V

1| Impressive visuals and CGI

The first order of business is, perhaps, one of the most important. The original Voltes V, was, of course, animated, so how do you translate that to live action without losing the visual impact? The trailer gave us a glimpse of what GMA did and it is a doozy. The Boazanian space ship, elaborate backdrops, an entire sequence of aliens attacking earth, and the robot fighters themselves have all been rendered near flawlessly and help to transport us to this strange yet familiar universe.

We can only imagine how much the CGI budget is for a project of this magnitude and scale, so we commend the network for not scrimping on the it and making sure it's at a truly world-class level. Let’s hope they can sustain it for the duration of the series.


2| Accurate costumes

Part of the joy in seeing Voltes V come to life is seeing the characters in their full costumes, and, just like the visual effects, it seems GMA got this one right, too. From the flowy robes of Prince Zardoz to the uniforms of the Voltes V team, costume designers clearly spared no expense to get it right, and we’re here for it.

3| Promising cast

How do you even start casting for something as monumental as Voltes V? In GMA’s case, of course they had to start with their stable of talents, and if that’s not enough, likely widened the search further and conducted auditions. The main five-person team of Steve, Mark, Big Bert, Little John and Jamie all look promising, as do the other characters like Prince Zardoz, Richard Smith, Zuhl, Emperor Zambojil, etc. We’ll have to wait when the series actually starts airing to judge if the actors do their characters justice, but for now, we’re going to be cautiously optimistic that GMA cast the right actors for the right parts. 

4| Including important story lines

The so-called mega trailer runs about five and half minutes, which is a bit long, but it does give us extended sneak peeks at what’s going to happen in the series. If you’re of a certain age and have caught the series when it first aired in the ‘70s and then again in the ‘80s, you’ll be looking for certain story lines and sequences that were in the original. We’re talking about things like what happened to Steve, Big Bert and Little John’s mother; the romantic tension between Steve and Jamie, and that awesome “butterfly return” technique. All of it and more are included in the trailer, and that’s making us anticipate the series even more.

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GMA has not yet announced an actual premiere date for Voltes V: Legacy, but you can bet we’ll be glued to our screens when it finally makes its way to our TV screens.

Watch the mega trailer here: 


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