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All the Biggest WandaVision Fan Theories, Ranked

From the quite likely to the Screamin' Al Pacino cameo.

As we head into the last two episodes, quite a few big fan theories have come true. Agnes really was a portmanteau of Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch from the comics who was around before Atlantis sank, for instance, and Monica Rambeau's picked up some unspecified superpowers just as Reddit said she would.

So we've ranked the remaining unresolved fan theories from least likely to most likely.

Vision's actually still alive

Really doesn't look like it, does it, given the way he started flaking into bits as soon as he got outside The Hex and that flash of Dead Vision that turned up in episode three. Still, there's a bit more detail here.


The Westview residents are going to rise up and depose Wanda

Unlikely. I would not hang my hat on any revolution which relied on Jones, the wettest man in the universe, realizing he had nothing to lose but his chains.


The real bad guy is Mephisto

There have been quite a few little Mephisto nods through the series but I'm not terribly convinced it all comes back to him. It'd be a bit of a reverse-ferret for the bad guy to now not be Agnes/Agatha, not to mention slightly garbled storytelling to bring in another bad guy this close to the end of the season out of nowhere. The rumor that Al Pacino might play Mephisto—"WHUDDAYA GAHT??" etc—is perhaps too delicious to be true.

Then again! Paul Bettany did say on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast that there's an actor we've not met yet who he's going to have a showdown with.

"So many things get leaked, but there’s this thing that has been completely under wrap that happens," he said. "I work with this actor that I’ve always wanted to work with and we have fireworks together—the scenes are great and I think people are going to be really excited. I’ve always wanted to work with this guy and the scenes are pretty intense."

Attica! Attica!

Agnes/Agatha is working on raising the dead

One little moment which got fans talking was when Herb sliced through his own garden wall with a hedge trimmer and stopped as he tried to tell Vision something: "We're all..."

We're all what? Some reckon he was about to say 'dead', though that seems unlikely now that we know all the supporting cast of WandaVision are Westviewers who just got sucked into the drama. There remains, however, the question of why Sparky the dog had to die. For a bit more on that one, read this.

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Agnes/Agatha is feeding off Wanda's magic

That Dexter-ish underground lair Agnes/Agatha's been hanging about in beneath her house had a lot of what looked like roots growing around it. Is she trying to leach from Wanda's power? It's extremely possible.

The 'nexus' is a big pointer to how things are going to tie into Marvel's next films

The ad for Nexus-brand antidepressants pointed toward Westview being some kind of central portal, and there were a lot of doors in Agnes/Agatha's basement. Where were they leading to? Perhaps they'll introduce us to the much-trailed Multiverse of Madness which Doctor Strange will voyage into in the upcoming film. Alternatively, Wanda herself might be a nexus being, a lynchpin of whatever reality they happen to be in at the time. Either way: nexus.


Pietro's under Agnes/Agatha's spell

He was suspiciously absent in episode seven before his mid-credits appearance, with Wanda telling the kids that he isn't, in fact, their uncle: "Don't believe anything that man says."

Which begs the questions: who actually is he? What's he done with Aaron Taylor-Johnson? And what did he mean by whispering "snoopers gonna snoop" to Monica? This one feels very possible, given that we saw Agnes/Agatha creeping about behind Pietro just before he unexpectedly turned up in Westview.

The people in the adverts are Wanda and Pietro's parents

They've turned up across the sitcom ages as 'Commercial Man' and 'Commercial Woman', but Reddit reckons that the unnamed couple who've flogged toasters, bath soaks, and watches are the Maximoff twins' sadly exploded ma and pa.

This one feels like it's got legs: there are both enough incidental details to it—like the toaster making the same noise as the Stark Industries bomb that killed them—and enough resonance with the central idea of Wanda creating a fantasy that smothers her traumas to reappear at the series climax. Plus, Kevin Feige said in January that the adverts would "start connecting what those things mean to the past," so there's definitely a big reveal still to be had.

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