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Westworld's Season Three Trailer Offers a Glimpse of a New Park

The bots are back.

HBO dropped its first footage from Westworld's third season ahead of the series finale of Game of Thrones in May. That trailer focused on new character played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, and offered just the briefest glimpse of a single familiar face—that of Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores.

But during San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, HBO released a three minute-long trailer that provides a much better look at all of our Westworld favorites, offering hints at what’s next for the show after season two ended with mass killings in the parks and Delores breaking free to the outside world.

In the clip, Delores is seen sitting with someone who looks a lot like Tessa Thompson, and picks up one of four spherical host control units. Delores killed Thompon’s character, Charlotte Hale, at the end of season two, so we’re likely seeing the host version of Hale in the trailer—but what robot’s essence now lives inside the Hale host body is anyone’s guess.


Jeffrey Wright’s Barnard seems to still be in the park, and is shown repairing an injury to his arm. "Ford made each of us for a reason, even Delores," he says over a shot of naked hosts held in cold storage. "I came back to find someone who could help me, someone strong enough to stop her if it comes to that."

But most exciting of all is seeing the return of Thandie Newton’s Maeve, who was killed at the end of season two. The host is back up and running, and now seemingly exists in a new, World War II-themed park. Westworld's third season is set to debut sometime next year, but until then, check out the trailer below.

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