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Which Netflix Series do Filipinos Binge First?

These are the titles that popped your Netflix cherry.
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The streaming revolution has changed the way we consume television. Now that new platforms like Netflix have made it easier and more tempting to consume episodes in immediate succession, we don’t even bother resisting. We readily plop ourselves on a couch and shove copious amounts of Frito Lays into our mouths while losing consecutive hours of our lives to a habit we Just. Can’t. Quit. Then we feel sorry about ourselves after, and curl up into a guilt-ridden ball of doubt and self-pity. It’s called the Netflix Binge—and it’s how the youth of today spend our Saturday afternoons.

But what exactly do we watch when we watch for long, uninterrupted stretches of time? Netflix Philippines recently revealed the top ten first-binge shows in the Philippines. These are the shows that most Filipino Netflix users watched when they embarked on their first Netflix binge (that is, the first time they finished an entire season within seven days of starting):




Netflix also found that Filipino viewers have mostly finished their first binge within five days of signing up, and that most people complete a binge within three days.

These findings give us a portrait of the typical Filipino Netflix user, and might serve to give you some perspective next time you start regretting your TV habits.

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