Who Has Green Eyes In Game Of Thrones? It Could Hold The Key To The Final Battle


WARNING: Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 spoilers below.

Arya Stark managed to sneak in a long overdue catch-up with Melisandre before she dispatched of the Night King in the Battle of Winterfell, and many fans think their chat will be key to the finale.

The last time they met was way back in season 3, when the Red Priestess left Arya with the following prophecy after taking Gendry away from the Brotherhood without Banners. She said:

"I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever. We will meet again."

A bit rude, but ultimately right. Arya recounted her message in the latest episode of season 8, telling the Red Priestess:

"You said we'd meet again. You said I’d shut many eyes forever. You were right about that, too.”

Melisandre then knowingly repeats her prophecy. "Brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes."


So who is she talking about? Blue is a clear reference to the Night King. Arya locks eyes with him before pulling off the ol’ switcheroo and plunging her dagger into his stomach.

Fans also think that brown eyes could be a reference to past victims such as Polliver, Walder Frey or Ser Meryn Trant. But green eyes? That’s become a matter of debate amongst Game of Thrones fans.

Most people will immediately point to Cersei Lannister, who Arya has been gunning for since season 1 when she imprisoned her father, Ned Stark. But then, many fans are convinced that she’s destined to be killed by the hands of her little brother, as per the valonqar prophecy.

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Which brings us to another popular fan theory: that Arya will use the skills she learned from her time with the Faceless Men to use the mask of Jaime to kill his sister. It would be a clever twist, but one that many a lot of fans are already expecting.

Is it Cersei?




That would mean killing Jaime, who also has emerald-coloured Lannister eyes. That, in theory, would also fulfill the prophecy, meaning Arya could fail in her mission to kill Cersei.


Melisandre’s prophecy could also be a reference to Littlefinger, who Arya already killed in season 7. That seems pretty unlikely, though. While the character is said to have grey-green eyes in the book, actor Aiden Gillen has blue peepers.

Then there’s Illyn Payne, the man who executed Ned Stark. Arya has been miffed about that for a long time now, but we haven’t seen him for years. It would be a long overdue moment of revenge for Arya, but not one that has too much impact on the show's power struggle.


Keep your own eyes peeled for clues in the next episode – if you can even see it, that is.

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