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You Can Tell This Tanduay Ad is Ancient, Because It's So Damn Wholesome

Exactly zero bikinis!

We’re used to seeing alcohol advertisements that target male audiences using photos of scantily clad women. At this point, it’s an absolute cliche.

But things weren’t always like this. Once upon a time, in a bygone era often referred to by historians as “The Eighties”, alcohol ads—Filipino alcohol ads!—were actually pretty wholesome. The pop-culture nostalgia Facebook page called View on The 3rd has offered a glimpse:


View on The 3rd, a page run by Jojo Bailon, posts all sorts of throwbacks to decades ago—from episodes of Ryan Ryan Musikahan to classic Pinoy movie moments. Bailon accumulated a personal archive of videos and photos over the years. Recently, he’s been uploading commercials like this Tanduay ad.

Among the other recent commercials posted are this vaguely racist Philippine Airlines ad:


And this White Castle ad, which really only serves to show how wholesome Tanduay was at the time:


A bunch of other local advertisements and videos are available at the official Facebook page of View on The 3rd.

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