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8 Web Series and Films We'll Miss If MTRCB Gets Their Hands on the Internet

Some make easier targets than others.
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In the hypothetical scenario that the MTRCB can claw their way through the black hole, avoid getting massacred by the people who subsist on streaming services, and emerge successful at censoring or severely altering media content—and that’s a big “if”—these are the series we'd hate to say goodbye to.

Jay & Pluto

Jay & Pluto is a dark comedy series that highlights issues like child abuse, suicide, and sex (many of the episodes are extremely NSFW). The style has a nonchalant, almost detached approach to such searing issues, but everything always ends leaving the viewer in contemplation.

Danny The Manny

The premise is about a 20-something gay nanny who discovers that his charge, a sulky six-year-old, likes to cross-dress. Ultimately, the show raises questions about the right way to rear kids. While it all seems sweet and noble, we can already hear protests to "protect our children!" from such a lifestyle.

Her Story

The six-episode series follows the lives of transwomen living, well, normal lives. In a country who has been hot and cold about the LGBT community, we can predict how troublesome a good show like Her Story would be.

How to Get Away with Murder

It isn't hard to believe that MTRCB would go after this one, given that Sony Philippines has already censored their scenes in the past. It's a prime example of cherry-picking when Annalise and the rest of the Keating 5 are free to live out their Grey's Anatomy fantasy of law school, but a kiss between two men is deemed too risqué for television. 



Any series that claims to revolve around Pablo Escobar, and tries to be as accurate as possible about Colombian history and the war on drugs, is going to fall under an exacting microscope. Despite Narcos' admirable commitment to storytelling, naysayers with a black and white view of media can easily misconstrue the series as a glorification of the cartel, and deem it too close to home. 


Sense8 is a high-concept, sci-fi narrative about strangers who become emotionally and mentally linked to each other. You've probably heard of that orgy scene. More importantly, however, Sense8 is a series where LGBT relationships are presented as normal. Netflix is willing to let the full-frontal nudity and boatloads of blood fly, but prudes here will probably have a freak-out. 

Rick and Morty

Hopefully, all the 7-year-olds watching this by accident took a hint and switched to something more kid-friendly when the main character, Morty, gets molested in a public bathroom by the 5th episode. Crude language, alcoholism, excessive violence, and a disturbing bleakness in the universe make Rick and Morty a complex—and frankly hilarious case—for a medium known to lend itself only to light subjects. 

Orange Is the New Black

What triggers people into boycotting a series usually includes some combination of nudity, sexual content, and violence. Netflix's Orange is the New Black says, to hell with it, and adds lesbian drug dealers in jail. We can't see how anyone might have a problem with that. 

Game of Thrones 

HBO's golden child might as well wear the words "BAN ME" on its head. There was a point where it felt like David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were trying to reach some kind of quota and raise their boob-to-violence ratio every episode. But considering it topped the list of 2016's most illegally downloaded shows, there's no use removing, or diluting, Game of Thrones

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