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Tiger mom?
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When you work in showbiz, one of the first things you learn is to keep your private matters out of the public eye. Many of the stars I have interviewed over the years say that their secret to staying sane in their crinkly celluloid world is to master the art of dedmatology, where they learn to tune out their bashers and concentrate on their craft instead. “You can’t please everybody,” is the common refrain.

This is especially true for the ladies, whose bashers pick on anything and everything just to gain attentionfrom the outfits that they wore to a gala event, to their performance on a particular show. They shrug it off, they say, there is no use adding fuel to a social media fire.

However, there are some instances where they really let it rip. One particular subset of ladies who would let their claws out are moms who are protective of their cubs. No one could blame them, of course, because even ordinary mothers would go all out to defend their children from those who would cause them harm. As it is almost Mother’s Day (this is also a hint that you should be planning something special for mom right about now), we have compiled a list of showbiz moms you would not want to mess with, because Thanos ain’t got nothing on them.

Annabelle Rama

As far as we are concerned, she is the mother of all dragons. Tita Annabelle pulls out all the stops when something displeases her, whether it is a negative writeup about one of her children or the talents that she handles, or the behavior of her children themselves. She is the definition of the Tiger mom, publicly berating Ruffa about her life choices and supposedly going head to head with her daughter-in-law Sarah Lahbati about her wedding plans with Richard Gutierrez. The author of the advice book Day, Hard has nothing to fear, though, as it is obvious in their family reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez that they all defer to her for major decisions.


Ruffa Gutierrez

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the say. Ruffa has flashed her own fangs where it is her girls’ welfare is concerned. She has spoken out about how their father Yilmaz Bektas has not supported them financially. Earlier this year, she defended her teen daughters Venice and Lorin from harassers at a theme park in Malaysiacreepy old men who blew the girls kisses and took their photos. The theme park issued an apology, and the feisty single mom tweeted a photo of her with her daughters captioned “you mess with them, you mess with me”.

Sunshine Cruz

When her marriage to Cesar Montano started to fall apart, she had to deal with a lot of backlash involving his relatives, particularly a sister-in-law who just won’t leave her and her children alone. A recent Facebook post by Montano’s sister which featured the actor with his children by Sunshine was peppered with sarcastic emojis. The actress took the former SIL to task and retorted: “Puro bible verses pa man din ang Facebook mo pero kabaligtaran naman ang pinagagawa mo samin ng mga anak ko. 5 years na ayaw nyo pa rin talaga lumubay. Nagpakalayo-layo na kami pero ayaw nyo talaga kami patahimikin. Ano ba talaga gusto nyo mangyari?" Her children commented in support of their mother.

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Andi Eigenmann

The pretty actress has announced earlier that she quit showbiz to concentrate on being a mom to her daughter Ellie, but before her current state of serenity, she was embroiled in a bitter twitter war with Ellie’s father, Jake Ejercito whom she says launched a petition for custody on the grounds that she is a “bad mom”. In a flurry of posts, she called him out, with zingers such as “Shouldnt u know how impt a mother is to a child? Come on ur 27 and u still need urs to do everything.” An interview with TV Patrol just this March reveals that the fierce mama is now enjoying life with her new boyfriend and is busy with her daughter and raising issues concerning environmental awareness.

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Lea Salonga

This Disney Princess and Broadway star is known to be opinionated and is not one to mince words. She once reacted to Senator Sherwin Gatchalian’s twitter tirade where he used foul language in Filipino. Lea admonished him, saying “if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen”, adding that celebs and politicos are fair game on social media. She got really upset, though, when unruly fans looking for a photo op made her daughter Nicole cry. “When personal boundaries and space are violated how am I supposed to react as the mom of the kid? I do become a normal mom and I do get angry," she tweeted.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Comments on her photo post of daughter Lucia, pointing out the baby’s non-mestiza looks spurred the celebrity host to post her reply. She called her daughter “Pinay and proud, like her momma” and went on to post her own childhood photo which called out the bullying and discrimination against dark skin, using the hashtag #proudmorena.


IMAGE: BJ Pascual (Esquire April 2012)

Kris Aquino

The list will not be complete without Kris rounding up the lineup. She started off the year by taking a jab at former broadcaster Jay Sonza who called her son Bimby “baklain”. By February, she found herself in another controversy where a troll questioned her “ill-gotten wealth” citing a recent trip with her sons josh and Bimby as an example. This April, she took on James Yap, whom she says does not give child support and did not speak up to defend Bimby when he was called “baklain” and was crying foul over visitation rights to promote his new business venture. Show host Korina Sanchez was brought into the fray a few days after, when her Rated K featured James’ new family.


Celebrity or not, moms will go to any lengths to protect their child. So, our advice to you, is to never engage a mom by dragging her kids into any issue because they will raise that gauntlet and try to obliterate you. We bet that even your own mom will go through any length do the same, so don’t forget to thank her this Mother’s Day!

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