You Won't Believe Gal Gadot's Original Name

It's as if her parents had sixth sense.

In one weekend, Gal Gadot, formerly known as the girl who was killed off in the Fast and the Furious films, has become a household name. By now you might already learned that her name means "wave" (gal) and "riverbank" (gadot). You might have even realized that her last name is pronounced "ga-dot" with a hard T—not ga-doh, not gah-dough, not ga-dowt

But did you know that the Wonder Woman stunner could've avoided all this confusion had her parents kept their original name? In a 2016 Jimmy Kimmel episode, the mother of two revealed that her parents changed their family name from Greenstein to Gadot to which Kimmel responded with: "They went for a stage name. They were preparing you for fame."

This factoid was also recently added on Wikipedia, probably because of Gadot's recent shot to fame resulted to her old videos resurfacing.

You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live episode here:

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