10 Essential Eraserheads Songs Apart From "Ang Huling El Bimbo"

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With the upcoming rock musical Ang Huling El Bimbo coming up in a few months, it's no surprise that we've caught the Eraserheads fever once again. The unforgettable rock band defined the sound of '90s OPM and spawned several catchy hits that have stood the test of time. They'll be featuring more than 40 (!) songs, so in anticipation of the musical's opening on July 20, we revisited the band's expansive discography and narrowed down 10 songs we're excited to see performed onstage.


The band's first hit was an ode to college courtships, and looks back fondly on those early, kiligfilled stages of love.


As hinted in the title, this classic is the ultimate torpe song—and a cathartic track for anyone who has ever had a hard time expressing his or her passionate inner feelings.


This song about finding out that a former lover has taken a...questionable way to stardom is equal parts ironic and wistful


"With A Smile"

Listen to this song and you'll get why the E-Heads are oen compared to The Beatles. This is essentially their nod to "Hey Jude" in that it that never fails to motivate you to keep your chin up and keep going.


Whether it really pertains to drug use or not, "Alapaap" undeniably captures the unstoppable bliss of euphoria.


One of the band's first hits, "Toyang" showcases the band's trademark irreverent humor, and it's a straightforward ode to naive puppy love.


Anyone listening to this song who's ever felt like tuning out real life just for a bit will go, "Same."


One of the band's darker singles, this (alleged) tribute to the tragic story of the late Pepsi Paloma never fails to give us the chills.


The graduation song of many '90s kids, this tearjerker of a song is a salute to the unshakeable bond of close friendships.


"Pare Ko"

Of course, no list about the Eraserheads' hits would be complete without this classic. Complete with ranting about your love life and berating your friends for their stupidity, this is the quintessential inuman song.

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