Ben&Ben Share Their Favorite (Family-Friendly) First Times

The band gets candid about their favorites, firsts, and dreams for the future.

Before 2021 ended, Esquire Philippines had the chance to talk to all nine members of one of the best bands of our time, Ben&Ben, made up of Paolo Benjamin Guico, Miguel Benjamin Guico, Poch Barretto, Jam Villanueva, Agnes Reoma, Pat Lasaten, Andrew de Pano, Toni Muñoz, and Keifer Cabugao. 

In the latest episode of the Esquire Sessions Live podcast, our associate editor and podcast host PJ Cana got candid with the band as they launched into an hour-long conversation about all of their favorites, firsts, and dreams for the future. 

If you’re a hardcore Ben&Ben fan, then you know that the band has sat through scores of serious interviews, in-depth profiles, and long conversations about their roots, inspirations, and more. So for the sake of keeping things fresh, we got to the fun part and asked the band all the questions that fans would want to know—we asked them about their favorite firsts. Don’t worry, we kept it family-friendly. From first live concert—Paolo’s was Urbandub at Alabang Town Center—to favorite album of all time—Keifer’s is Bon Iver by Bon Iver—the band isn’t afraid to share all their favorites and first with their fans. 

And as always, the nine-person band makes sure to keep the conversation fun as they reveal their favorite books (Andrew’s is The Giver), first songs they learned to play (Pat’s was something by Hannah Montana), favorite movie (Agnes’ is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), first legally downloaded album (Miguel’s was Under Southern Lights by Urbandub), first movie that made them cry (Toni’s was The Lion King when, spoiler alert! Mufasa died), first time they were starstruck (Jam’s was when she met Raymund Marasigan), and favorite Beatle (Poch’s is the underdog—George Harrison). 


Listen to Ben&Ben’s podcast episode on Esquire Sessions Live now to learn everything you didn’t know about the OPM band. Esquire Sessions Live is on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Esquire Sessions Live is held as a live audio Q&A on the Filipino app Calamansi where fans can interact with their favorite musicians and ask their own questions. Follow Esquire’s socials to catch the next live session.

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