The Best Love Songs of 2020 (So Far) Say Everything Your Stupid Brain Can't


Finding love in 2020? In this economy? Sometimes you need an assist to get in the mood for romance. That's where this playlist comes in—a round up of the most romantic tracks of the year. With us being firmly entrenched in Valentine's Day season, you might be looking for a song to celebrate the holiday. Or perhaps you just need a romantic pick me up to get through what is easily one of the dreariest times of year. No matter what your motivation is, 2020 is already proving to be an excellent year for love songs.

What is great about this list though is that, sure, you have your ballads and heartfelt offerings. But we also know that love isn't just about proud declarations and grand gestures. It's also about sex and steamy moments and getting physical. So if you're seeing "love songs" and rolling your eyes, check yourself. We are here to endorse love in any way you like to experience it: fast or slow, sexy or heartfelt. 2020 has already given us enough that you don't have to settle for what's right in front of you.

1| Dua Lipa, "Physical" 

In the year of 2020, you can keep your ballads. We're expressing love with heavy beats, sexy, electro-pop. Dua Lipa kicks off the year by getting directly to the point. Sometimes it's best just to put your intentions out there.

2| Trixie Mattel, "Gold"

Okay, but let's suppose that you are ballad person. Trixie Mattel's "Gold" is a thoughtful singer-songwriter track about love that has lost its initial sheen, there's something really touching about reconciling past baggage alongside the person who currently loves you.


3| Cam,"Till There's Nothing Left"

Cam is perhaps one of the most underrated country artists in the genre, which means that once "Till There's Nothing Left" secures its permanent spot on your favorite playlist, there's a ton of equally good love songs in her canon. But her recently released single is the energy of visceral love, slowed down to a melody as thick and steamy as the scene being described in the backseat...

4| John Legend, "Conversations in the Dark"

I mean, John Legend was practically created for making love (and making-love) songs. In "Conversations in the Dark," all the boxes are checked: ballad status, harmonies, insanely high notes, a slow piano. Light choir work! If you're looking for all the ingredients for a capital L, capital S Love Song, then this one is it.

5| The 1975, "Me and You Together Song"

Hey! Would you look at that? There's a middleground between sexual banger and sad-adjacent love ballad. How nice is that? The track has those early 2000's pop vibes that are all but devoid in music these days. The 1975 brings it back just in time for the most important Hallmark holiday of the year.

6| The Lone Bellow, "Enemies"

One of the best angles for a love song is an unexpected twist. There's no more unexpected turn than when someone you thought you'd hate turns out to be someone you love. Released just in time for Valentine's Day, The Lone Bellow single is the perfect encapsulation of fated-love.

7| Little Big Town, "Next to You"

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New love is exciting and wild. But long-term love is rare. It takes a commitment, and that's what Little Big Town gets at in their track "Next to You." The longtime country band opens up the complications of being in love after the initial fire dies and how it's all manageable, so long as it's experienced with the person you love next to you.

8| Allen Stone, "Consider Me"

With a video as good as the song itself, Allen Stone's recent single is a smooth-voiced ballad that is a necessary addition to any playlist of romantic songs. Shrugging off the notion of any particular point in a relationship, Stone's "Consider Me" feels like its applicable to just about any relationship.

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