Ex Battalion Has Made The Political Campaign Jingle of Your Nightmares

*Wiz Khalifa laugh*

There are landmark moments in our history as a nation that ask us to look upon ourselves and ask: "How did we get here?" How have we allowed things to come to this? How have we managed to look on and stand idly by as everything around us descended into madness? How did we let this happen on our watch?

We have arrived at one such moment again. Mere days ago, Ex Battalion—the local rap group behind 2018's most prolific earworm, "Hayaan Mo Sila"has recorded and performed a political campaign jingle. This is not a drill. Run for your lives.

Here we are, alive to see and hear a rag-tag bunch of Wiz Khalifa wannabes enter politics while wearing bootleg Supreme sweatshirts. Ex Battalion, who rose to nationwide fame on a hit song that sort of, kind of stole the beat of DJ Khaled's "I'm The One," have just released another version of "Hayaan Mo Sila". They've tweaked the lyrics to make it a jingle for the campaign to urge SAP Bong Go to run for Senate in 2019. Then they shot a music video to go along with it. Check it out, but please, for the love of all that is good, try not to add any unnecessary views to this unofficial upload:



The video was shared on Ex Battalion's Facebook page last Wednesday, a little ahead of the Special Assistant to The President's 44th birthday. It has since racked up more than a million views, and has been a disservice to each and every person who has had the misfortune of seeing it.


Ex Battalion asserts that Go is: "masipag, simple lang, 'di mayabang"; "ayaw sa maling gawain"; "totoong tao." Then it cuts to videos of Go playing basketball, to let you know that if he runs and you do vote for him, you'd be voting for a really good three-point shooter. It even suggests that if Go runs and you don't vote for him, you would effectively be pushing the Philippines off a cliff (Siya ang pipiliin ko / Hindi ko itutulak sa bangin ang kababayan ko)—thankfully this isn't illustrated in the music video.

If nothing else, though, the song seems to be yet another clear indicator that Go will maybe possibly definitely run for office. Of course, the hitch is that Go isn't technically a candidate yet, but we're seeing Go more and more everywhere we go—ugh, no pun intended—so it's hard not to think he would actually do it. Only time will tell for sure, but if he does run and inevitably win, we can all blame Ex Battalion in part.

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