Need New Music? Teenage Wonder Fern. Releases Six-Song EP

The “Into You” hitmaker is hoping to land a spot at the annual Wanderland Music Festival.
IMAGE Aimee Aznar

There are many aspiring local artists who start creating music in their teens, but not a lot can claim to have made major label executives sit up and take notice. Fern. is one of them. 

Fernando Tan—or simply Fern. (with a period)—is a singer songwriter who was first signed by Universal Records when he was just 16 years old. Now all of 19, he just released an EP and is ready for his turn at the spotlight.

“I really love to make music so I don’t really think about (anything else),” he told Esquire Philippines when we caught up with him at The Apartment in Poblacion, where family, friends and fans gathered for a listening party and official release of the six-song EP called Loveless. “I just want to play music that I think people will enjoy and that I will enjoy.”

Photo by Aimee Aznar.

Fern.’s first single, “Into You” went straight to number one on Spotify when it came out in 2017. Since then he has released “Sober Up,” “Dance For Me!,” and “SWEET,” all of which are in Loveless. The other three songs are “Murakami: Slow Song,” “Look In 2 My Eyes, and “Fallin For You.”


The artist said he wrote all of the songs and also co-produced most of them, alongside members of the band One Click Straight.

“This EP is basically a manifestation of what I’ve gone through this year as an artist,” he said.

The plan now is to do more live shows. He was in La Union recently upon the invitation of concerts and events company Karpos, which also organizes Wanderland.

“I really want to perform at Wanderland,” Fern. said. “As an artist, I really think you should have the physical manifestation of your own art. So for me, I think it’s really better to showcase your own art, rather than just (music) streams all the time.”

Photo by Aimee Aznar.

Photo by Aimee Aznar.
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In addition to the listening party, Fern. also announced collaborations with other artists outside of music, including one with local independent fashion brand Ill Luck, which made official Loveless shirts, as well as a partnership with fashion designer OJK, who created OJK exclusive Loveless pullovers.

Still, at the end of the day, Fern. insists that it will always be about the music.

“I just really want to make more music regardless of who wants to support me,” he said. “I just want to create music that I want to create, and that I want to play.”

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