Jason Dhakal Talks About Rum, Mariah Carey, and Music Criticism in the Philippines

Jason Dhakal reveals he has a 5-year obsession with Mariah Carey.
IMAGE Jason Dhakal

Up and coming music artist Jason Dhakal moved to the Philippines from Oman in 2017 to pursue a career in music. Recently, Dhakal drew flak after he criticized a song by Michael Pacquiao, for which he later apologized.

Jason Dhakal Performs ‘Heaven’

In an interview with Esquire Philippines, Dhakal shared his thoughts on his favorite booze, his five-year obsession with Mariah Carey, and his honest thoughts about music criticism in the country.

How do you find the music scene in the Philippines? 

Compared to Oman, the music scene in the Philippines is much more welcoming. You become friends with people first before the music.

Do you think music criticism is important?

Yeah, I mean, art is meant to be criticized, and everyone is subjective, in a way. And I guess there’s subjective criticism. It has to be constructive. 

We’ll rephrase: Do you think music criticism exists in the Philippines? 

(Laughs.) Yeah… it exists, but not as much as we’d like to be, you know. 

What can we find in your playlist? 

Oh my god. Mariah Carey. (Laughs.) It’s always Mariah Carey. I think I listen to her every single day for five years now!

How do drink your rum? 

Don Papa and coke! Rum goes with everything. I love rum and coke. Anything with rum and coke. Rum’s the only thing I can drink from a bottle. 

Jason Dhakal’s Halloween Treat for Fans

Dhakal is set to perform at the Don Papa Fiesta Music Festival tonight, October 31, 8 p.m. The online concert will be live-streamed through Don Papa’s Facebook page


Aside from Dhakal, soul artist August Wahh will serenade audiences with lyrics and beats that bring out an array of emotions from every listener.

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