The Lorde Has Risen

After briefly appearing on some streaming services, her Twitter fandom is spiraling in anticipation.

Lorde, who up until today was a perfect music angel sent straight from heaven to New Zealand, has finally wronged us. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but this is a big one. After four years without releasing new music, starving those of us who choose to live every day as if we are heartbroken teenagers, Lorde briefly (perhaps accidentally?) put out her new single today then abruptly pulled it from streaming sites.

On June 7, Lorde posted on her website artwork for her new single "Solar Power," with a note that read “Arriving in 2021 … Patience is a virtue." Then, this morning, news circulated that the song would actually be out later in the afternoon—rather than the originally planned date of June 20—after it had leaked early. The song did appear briefly on some streaming sites (Tidal and Amazon Music, of all places), but was then inexplicably taken down, in what must be a very horrible day for some PR person.

This sent Lorde's disciples on Twitter into a frenzy. Those who actually had Tidal or Amazon Music, managed to record snippets of "Solar Power" and post them online. Most of these have been taken down. Some slowed down versions of the track are still live on the site. Other, very bad people, posted fake versions of the song just to troll the hungry fans. But mostly, people are dealing with it by just making memes.


Memes are fun and all, but I want the music the Lorde hath made for us. I want every 0.000003 cents per stream to go straight to Lorde herself, so that my twenty thousand consecutive streams add up to, like, 5 dollars. Get yourself a Starbucks, Lorde. On me.

But, from what I’ve heard so far, the Jack Antonoff-produced track makes the four-year-long wait worth it. Her airy vocals on top of an upbeat acoustic guitar bring us a summery pop anthem, no doubt. Are you ready for the whole album?

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