Radio Station NU 107 is Coming Back...Kind Of

The jocks we grew up with and loved are holding a virtual reunion.
IMAGE NU107 Facebook page

For music fans who came of age in the late 80s and 90s, only one radio station served up rock music raw and loud. NU107 was the voice of a generation, with DJs playing “credible” rock music to an audience hungry for it. 

Starting with a lot of New Wave and then eventually playing grunge, alternative, punk, indie and many other sub-genres of the catch-all term of rock, NU107 began in 1987 and survived and thrived through the 1990s and 2000s.

The speakers fell silent on November 2010, when the frequency eventually mutated into a more masa, Top 40 station.

But it seems if the pandemic is good for anything, it’s resurrecting what people loved from the past and letting fans reminisce and appreciate how good they had it way back when (Consider all the virtual reunions happening, like beloved TV shows like The Office, Parks & Recreation, The Nanny, etc). 

This time, it's the stalwarts of NU107's turn.

A mini reunion between jocks of the defunct station reportedly happened last May 3 organized by Marcelline Taylor, who was the station’s former special events director. That one wasn’t exactly publicized (we only heard about it from a former jock).

But the station’s Facebook page isn’t exactly hiding a second big NU 107 get-together.


In a post on his own Facebook page, Francis Reyes, guitarist of The Dawn and a familiar voice in the roster of NU107 on-air talents, invited friends and followers to a virtual “reunion” happening this weekend. 

“Do join us as the late 80s/90s NU Rock Jocks look back at them good ol’ days of NU107 this Sunday (May 17), 10:30am PH time,” Reyes said. This one will happen on Taylor's Facebook page. 

The session will lead to the online gathering on May 23 on the NU 107 Facebook page. Reyes said this one will be led by DJs who were with NU from 2000 onwards.

“Hopefully we can set up a grand virtual reunion with all batches in,” Reyes said. “Let’s chat and relive some memories so see ya then!”

Count us in.

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