The Best Netflix Soundtracks of 2020

Who could beat The Police?
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The best shows have the best music. There’s no doubt about it. It sets the tone, builds the tension, and gets stuck in your head, as per the design of showrunners. No one would still remember the Rembrandts if not for Friends, and no one can think of Grey’s Anatomy without Coldplay playing in their head.

Now with Bridgerton topping almost every country’s Netflix charts, it’s safe to say a portion of the population is already dreaming in pop music instrumentals.

Soundtracks deserve way more credit than they get, what with its millions of streams on Spotify. Thanks to, we now know the top Netflix soundtracks with the most Spotify streams.

Naturally, Stranger Things’ 80s-influenced soundtrack tops the list (how could you possibly beat The Police?) while 13 Reasons Why soundtrack takes second place with its hit Billie Eilish songs for the Gen Zs out there.

Here are the top 10 Netflix soundtracks of 2020:

1| Stranger Things – 87 million streams

2| 13 Reasons Why – 59 million streams

3| Black Mirror – 48 million streams

4| Sex Education – 37 million streams

5| Orange is the New Black – 34 million streams

6| Money Heist – 26 million streams

7| Peaky Blinders – 24 million streams

8| The Crown – 21 million streams

9| Dark – 13 million streams

10| The Queen’s Gambit – 11 million streams

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