This Is Where You Should Finish During Sex, According to Women

Turns out, her favorite spot is not the same as yours

Every woman has her own preference of where she wants you to finish during sex. And if you thought you had it all figured out, sorry, because as it turns out, her favorite spot is not the same as yours.

Bad Girls Bible, a popular website for women who are interested in sex and relationships, has revealed where exactly the ladies want you to blow your load.

For the study, the participants were given a photo of a naked lady. They were then asked to highlight the area on the picture where they like to give/receive ejaculation the most. Afterwards, the response of the 740 men and women were compiled to generate maps.

Based on the map, there's a huge difference between men and women's preferences. Most guys love to ejaculate on the face of the opposite sex (42%), with 25% of them on the lips. On the other hand, women like their partner to come on their chest (37.1%).

Although men prefer to ejaculate on women's faces, the same can't be said about where they unload their semen.

Apparently, the face and the vagina, no matter how much you enjoy giving facials, buddy, are not the body parts where she wants you to finish yourself off. At least now you have a better idea of where to release your swimmers next time.

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