So You Think You're a Fuccboi? Time to Take Our Quiz

2am texts? check

You've heard your female friends talk about them. Maybe you've been you've been called one yourself. But are you a true fuccboi?

It's time to separate the amateurs from the assholes and discover whether you deserve the most on-trend insult of 2017.

Scrolling through Tinder, you see a fling who you ghosted months ago. So you...

Swipe left and swallow the passing sense of guilt.

Swipe right in the hope that you can apologize and try again.

Close the app and then text her, "I see you ;)," then ignore her response for the next three months.

Supreme is a brand for...

What's Supreme? Is that a new brand for Chinese noodles? Sorry, never heard of it. me. Duh.

An overly indulgent 13-year-old boy with his parents' credit cards.

Nudes are...?

Not really your thing, but hey, if you're offering. Why say no?

Some of Matisse's most important works

Obviously, Stage One of any meaningful encounter.

We say "graphic tee," you say?

Free advertising for the hive mind.

That's totally lit! Put me down for 10 graphic t-shirts. No, 20. 

No thanks. I appreciate the offer though.

You see a thirsty Instagram post by someone you like...

Ignore it, then post a photo of one of your sneakers so you know they've seen it. 

Sigh and immediately put your phone down.

Like it, then quickly like some other posts from other accounts to hide the evidence.

Your taking a date out. Where do you go?

The Lil Uzi Vert Gig, ditching them before the last track.

A very nice dinner with candle lights, fancy china, mutiple forks. The works!

Roller Disco!

You find out the girl you like has a boyfriend. What do you do?

Lurk forever in the friend zone, hoping for a future opportunity.

Message her boyfriend saying he's a five out of 10, then say she grabbed your crotch.

Back off swiftly like the gentleman you are.

Your female friend is talking about her favorite feminist writer. You...

Ask for some further reading recommedations.

Interrupt her to point out that some of the best feminist writers are men.

Nod and agree very loudly.


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