A camera you can shoot a superhero movie with


We're going to considerably bulk up your Christmas wishlist with this one, folks. At the close of September, Canon Philippines launched the Canon 5D Mark IV, the newest iteration of the highly successful 5D line of Canon cameras.

And, just as a reminder: The Canon 5D Mark II was the first DSLR to feature HD video capture, thus enabling it to be used extensively in a host of productions—from low-budget indie films, to TV shows, to big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. Like this little movie called The Avengers, as well as that beautiful creature called Mad Max: Fury Road.

With the introduction of the Mark IV, you can well expect that the capabilities of the 5D camera line have been greatly extended. Just watch this preview:

To highlight some of the new features of the Mark IV, Michael Ori—the founder of Ori Media, a media outfit out of Salt Lake City, Utah—and colleague Joey Jonaitis conducted a product demo before Canon Philippines, several local media outfits, several camera clubs including the Philippine Army Camera Club, and official Canon camera retailers.

Among the new features of the Mark IV is the 4K video capture. Michael Ori showed several videos that his company made with the camera: personal projects, videos for commercial purposes, and videos commissioned by non-profit organization. Michael and Joey pointed out that since the video quality of the Mark IV is so good, you can "pull" stills from the video and produce working HD "stills" out of them.


Ori Media with the Canon 5D Mark IV camera.

And, of course, the Canon 5D Mark IV is also a great photo camera. Shooting at 30 megapixels, the photos produced are great for fashion photography, weddings, and even street photography, and landscapes. Across the board, the detail is ridiculously good.

watch now

Among the other new features are: Built-in GPS, built-in wifi—which means you can now use your smartphone to control the camera, as well as pull images from the camera to a smartphone—and, at last, a built-in time lapse feature.

The camera will retail starting at PhP170,000 and is now available for pre-order.

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