Apple Is So Tired Of Netflix's Success That They're Just Going To Buy Them Out

Rumours of a historic media deal are mounting

What do you do when you're a hulking, cash-sweating industrial monolith with the power and reach the equivalent of nations, but there's a pesky competitor buzzing around your peripheral vision offering a service/product that is challenging your brand?

You buy them out... duhhh.

Which, like Facebook and Instagram/Snapchat before it, is exactly what Apple is looking to do with Netflix.

According to Business Insider, Citi analysts recently sent a note to investing clients that there was a "40 percent chance" that Apple would be acquiring Netflix after Donald Trump passed a tax cut for American corporations and allowed them to repatriate cash stored overseas, of which Apple has a lot... $252 billion, in fact.

This sudden injection of capital is supposedly enough to fuel the rumours around what would potentially be one of the biggest media acquisitions ever.

While last year Apple announced a $1bn investment to "procure and produce original content", Netflix is still seen as the biggest player when it comes to the streaming revolution, which is why it would make sense to drop some cash and avoid that whole pesky "original content" and thinking up ideas business.

Watch this space.


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