Apple Is Reportedly Releasing a P150,000 VR Headset


The early 2010s were a time to be alive. Back then, flash mobs were the way to go viral, Angry Birds was the top app store game, and the Oculus VR was the most amazing tech innovation. Though the novelty of virtual reality has worn off, Apple has (reportedly) decided that the technology will be its next project.

That's right, rumors show that Apple is releasing a virtual reality headset in the coming year or so. According to The Information, the product will have 3D and VR apps for games, video, and communication. We're another step closer to living in Total Recall or Ready Player One.

Insiders say the concept will be the same size as the Oculus Quest. Plus, it will come with a new Apple chip—which is always a treat.

Now, for the price. Here's where it gets tricky. The VR headfast will reportedly be $3,000 (approximately P150,000). All those zeroes definitely check out for an Apple device, but it's still a huge jump from other brands in the industry. An Oculus Quest 2, for instance, goes for between $299 (approximately P15,000) to $399 (approximately P20,000). Damn.

Apple's take on the virtual reality headset coming sooner than we think. Reports say Apple is already in the late prototype stage for the product. If that's true, then it will only be a few months until we get to hear Siri in our heads through a VR deivice.

Would you buy an Apple VR headset?

Yes, it's sure to be great.

Not for P150,000.


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