These Apps are Stealing Your Facebook Accounts and Bank Details


For the umpteenth time, more dangerous apps have found their way into Google’s proprietary app store, Google Play Store. Back in October 2019, some 21 apps were erased from the Google Play Store because they were found to be stealing your personal data. Just a few weeks ago, in June 2020, another two dozen unsafe apps on Google Play Store were exposed by French cybersecurity firm Evina. 

Reviews for one of the apps on the store reveal how the app had “hacked” into the user’s Samsung phone after he downloaded it. 

Photo by Google Play Store.

According to Evina, the apps include a particular kind of malware, which can compromise your personal and sensitive data such as bank accounts and passwords. 

“This malware could effectively ruin your online and offline life by making off with the credentials of one of your most valued pieces of digital real estate,” Evina’s statement reads


Below are the apps that steal your personal data according to Evina.

Photo by Evina.

When you launch any of the apps listed above on your phone, the malware queries the application name so that when you open Facebook or any other app, the malware will launch a browser that loads Facebook at the same time.

The browser is displayed in the foreground which makes you believe the real application launched it. When you enter your username, email, or passwords into this browser, the malware executes javascript to retrieve them. The malware then sends your account information to a server.

Evina has successfully made Google shut down these apps on the Play Store and reverse-engineered the malware to protect users from it. But if you still have any of these apps installed on your phone, you should delete them now and change all your passwords afterward. 

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