These Are the Apps That Are Making You Unhappy

A new study has revealed which popular apps tend to bring down our mood

We all know that spending too much time glued to our phones is not good for us, but of course some apps are better for our mood than others. A new study conducted by the website Time Well Spent and the app Movement has attempted to analyze which apps are worst for us in terms of our happiness.

The study surveyed 200,000 iPhone users by tracking their time on screen and then asking them how much of that time spent was happy or unhappy. The data suggested that dating, social-media and gaming apps were those that made people the least happy. Grindr came out on top, with Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all featured too.

The 15 unhappiest were:

1| Grindr

2| Candy Crush Saga

3| Facebook

4| WeChat

5| Candy Crush

6| Reddit

7| Tweetbot

8| Weibo

9| Tinder

10| Subway Surf

11| Two Dots

12| Instagram

13| Snapchat

14| 1010!

15| Clash Royale

However it was not all bad news when it came to assessing how different apps can affect our mood. On the other end of the spectrum, apps related to wellness, organization, and relaxation came out on top. Calm (a meditation app designed to help you sleep better) was in first place with apps including Headspace, MyFitnessPal, Spotify, Audible, Kindle and Google Calendar in the top 15.


Here is the list in full:

1| Calm

2| Google Calendar

3| Headspace

4| Insight Timer

5| The Weather

6| MyFitnessPal

7| Audible

8| Wave

9| Amazon Music

10| Podcasts

11| Kindle

12| Evernote

13| Spotify

14| Weather

15| Canvas

From: ElleUK

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