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I self-describe my music taste as rather eclectic. I'm talking anything from pop to ‘60s Billboard charts, Moody alternative to groovy underground, industrial metal to soft Fleetwood Mac rock, folktronica to problematic country, Donna Summer’s disco to Lizst’s classical, and even present day's top 40. My non-discriminating appetite for music is thus my greatest pride—so long it’s good, I’ll listen.

However, I sing a different hymn when it comes to the best headphones. That’s where I decidedly show my fussiness, because listening to the greatest song of all time with a pair of not-so-impressive-sounding earbuds is equivalent to listening to Delta’s put-on-hold music. Yeah, I draw my fine line there, which is why even though I’ve had my fair share of world-class headphones, I’ve never felt satisfied. It wasn’t until Beats Fit Pro graced my ears that I saw the light and realized: So this is how music should be listened to.

The dual-element diaphragm driver provides clearer audio and better stereo separation.

You’ll discover new sonic details or even instruments in songs.

With 2,278 songs in my iPhone’s iTunes, I am on a mission impossible of re-experiencing each one with the Beats Fit Pro. I can now unearth a whole galaxy of deep bass, full kicks and snares, subtle hi-hats, and all kinds of previously-shrouded sound effects that are meant to be appreciated by the listener. This is made possible by Beats’ dual-element diaphragm driver (I had no idea what that meant, but now I know that it facilitates clearer audio with better stereo separation), and I’m hearing things I didn’t even know existed in those same old songs. To get specific, the electro bass in “SexyBack” sounds so stereo-like it's enveloping my eardrums, or how I can now pick up the pressing of piano keys and pedals in Jonny Greenwood’s “Spencer”, or how Edge’s guitar palm muting and strumming in U2's “One” pulses so vividly in the front of my brain.

Even songs you’ve memorized backward will sound brand new with Beats Fit Pro. Put on their Adaptive EQ—which automatically adjusts pitches to the inner shape of your ear—and you’ll get your very own remix. Turn on their spatial audio (which tracks head movement) and you'll cop a Dolby Atmos, theater-like eight-dimensional soundscape. “Immersive” is hardly enough of a word to describe that experience. Transcendental? That’s more like it.

SHOP P11,590.00,

The digital processor uses real-time, nonstop audio calibration to cancel out noises.
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You’ll only hear what you want to hear, when you want to hear it.

As a creature of habit, I have been known to run my own rave with my own tunes when I disagree with the DJ in a club or a host's playlist. Some might think it's rude, but I think to ask them to change the music is even ruder. But, the Beats Fit Pro are my savior, and the noise-cancellation that doesn’t come with vague hissing—a rare breed—transport me away from the ambient sound wave into my own little concert, where I can belt out the C5 in “When I Was Your Man” as if I'm Bruno Mars without disturbing myself—that’s definitely not rude; I’m literally minding my own biz.

Whatever your "tune out" situation may be, these are the earbuds to do it with. Their advanced digital processor leverages real-time, nonstop audio calibration to detect outside noise then snuff it out. If someone comes to talk, I’ll just give one earbud a long tap and the transparency mode will take over, so I can pay attention to converse.

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Beats offers a Fit Test on its 3 eartip sizes to help you find the best acoustic seal and comfort.

The fit, simply put, is fire.

When you stick something into your ears, it’ll start feeling uncomfortable at some point. On my first day of testing the Beats Fit Pro, I was ready for that uneasy sensation to creep up, but was proved wrong because they offer the proper silicone eartips. The Beats come with three sizes, and users can determine which one has the best acoustic seal via the equipped Fit Test. Each eartip is also finished with pressure-relieving vents that ward off inner-ear soreness even after hours of continual wearing. To top it off, there’s the signature wingtip that you tuck into upper ears to secure the earbuds in place comfortably. Judging by how I’ve never needed to readjust the buds once in my five times a week on the bench or treadmill—the decent IPX4 sweater/water resistance certainly helps too—consider this as an affidavit certified by an (amateur) athlete plus gym rat.

SHOP P11,590.00,

Photography by Timothy Mulcare. Prop styling John Olson for Halley Resources.

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