The 8 Best Gaming Computers Will Impress Even the Most Hardcore Players

Modders, listen up.

The Metaverse is coming for us all. God save our souls. More on that later. Just thought I'd warn you up front.

Anyway, chances are you've heard of a little industry called gaming. No, it's not just your silly little mushroom plumber, or fast hedgehog anymore. Gaming requires skill, brains, and of course, power. While I can only hope to teach you a fraction of my gaming prowess, being the best gamer out there, I can humbly give you the tools to catch up to me. Sure, it may all be for naught, but it's worth a shot, right?

The first thing you'll need is a sturdy gaming PC. The specs of gaming computers range quite widely, being uber-powerful machines and all. This list is going to have you soul-searching for your vehicle not only to game, but to try and kick Mark Zuckerberg's ass in the Metaverse. But you likely have a few questions. How much power do you need? Is transportability important? Most crucially, who has the coolest RGB lighting? Don't worry, your Gamer-in-Chief has you covered with some of the best gaming computers out there for any budget.


Photo by CLX.


CLX is one of those companies that's slid under the radar. I'm not entirely sure why. It has a similar model to many other PC builder sites like Digital Storm, but in my opinion, has some of the best user interfaces out there—along with some of the biggest builds.

Now, CLX has a vast range of computers, with various builds and price points, but this is a best-of list. So, you can't blame us for putting an absolute powerhouse on here. The RA can handle anything—and it looks great doing it. The lighting and RGB design, which can sometimes be overwhelming or cheap, looks astonishing on the RA. Plus, the ventilation is bar none. Above all else, it allows for easy chord and plug management.

By the way, the RA and is far more then a gaming PC. When I'm not fulfilling my duties as Esquire's Gamer-in-Chief, I work as a motion designer. (Also for Esquire.) This is a job that requires immense computer power. Not only does the RA handle my design work, gaming pursuits, and streaming incredibly well, but it can manage all three at the same time—with shocking ease. (I'm not sure why you'd be doing all three at the same time, but you feasibly could.) If you want the best in class, this is the way to go.

Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

Photo by RAZER.
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The Razer Blade is a long-standing member of the gaming laptop world. It stands out for being far closer to a standard productivity laptop than most gaming laptops. But don't be fooled by its lightweight and subtle design, The Razer Blade can still pack some major gaming heat. Hell, it even handles VR just fine. It's the perfect work-life-and-gaming balance laptop, for those of us who want to be a little more discreet, without sacrificing power.


Photo by DELL.


Alienware truly lives up to its space-age name, with everything coming out of their workshops looking like it belongs in a sci-fi film. Opposed to some of the subtler options on this list, the Alienware Aurora is anything but—making it a great option depending on the type of interior design you like. Best of all, Alienware makes upgrading a breeze. So, let's say you're not sure what level of power you need for gaming. You can start small and upgrade as needed. Alienware truly strives to make everything accessible, making its offerings a fantastic beginning place for those who may not know where to start.


Acer Nitro 5

Photo by ACER.

P54,999 AT ACER

Easily the best thing about the Acer Nitro is that it's a gaming laptop for beginners. Don't mistake that for weak. Far from it. Sure, under $1,000 is a unicorn of a price point, but you're still getting immense power for your buck. Acer makes a high-quality laptop, with a built-in 144 HZ refresh rate on the display, plus so many other whiz-bang features to deliver a smooth, on-the-go gaming experience.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SE 15

Photo by ASUS.

P242,132 AT AMAZON

Talking about gaming PCs—or computers in general—can be a bore. Sure, they all have nice graphics cards, efficient CPUs and RAM, plus some beautiful design, but there's only so much to talk about, save for price point and gaming style.

But every once in a while, there's something new, cool, and innovative that doesn't require an in-depth understanding of GBS, transfer rates, and optimal temperatures. The ASUS Duo is that computer. It lives up to its name, giving you a small screen at the top of the keyboard at an angle. Now, this isn't the botched MacBook Pro bar, which causes heating issues and minimal efficiency. This bonus screen is well integrated—and perfect for a dual monitor on the go. Having that bottom touch screen is fantastic for monitoring tabs, strategy, Discord, music, secondary videos, or whatever the hell else you need. Truthfully, many companies have tried variations on this, but the ASUS ROG Duo does it best.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC



With the inevitable destruction of Earth and the fall of man to the Metaverse, I'm sure you've been looking for a way to pick out your blockchain home in the weird, wild world of VR. Well, look no further. Sure, most gaming computers can handle VR, but this one is specifically built for it. From a more thoughtful design to make chords and plugs more intuitive, to an immense amount of graphics power to make your descent into the digisphere as crisp as possible, this is the PC for you if VR is at the top of your mind.

Alienware M15 R6 Gaming Laptop

Photo by DELL.


Like we talked about before, Alienware makes computers that, well, look like Alienware. But much like the desktop, this has a plug-and-play attitude. It's easy to boot up, customize, and do so much more, while having subtle, rounded edges that say, "Hey! I'm a gamer." All of that aside, Alienware has some phenomenal cooling abilities—and one of the crispest screens on this list.


2022 MSI GE76 Raider

Photo by DELL.

P102,256 AT AMAZON

MsI gets to the point, making sure its computers are as powerful and stylish—while keeping out gimmicky bells and whistles. Sure, this laptop has a cool RGB strip, and some keyboard lighting, but the rest of this cost is going towards giving you a ton of RAM, and lightning-fast SSD storage at 1 TB. It also has a 144 HZ refresh rate on its built-in display, making this laptop an all-around great contender for the most powerful and reliable gaming laptop.

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