10 iPhone Hacks You Need to Know to Make Your Life Easier

Did you know you could use your iPhone as a magnifying glass?

Attention iPhone users, take note of these useful iOS hacks to make your life much easier. After all, with all the time you save, you can probably stream another Netflix episode, you know.

1| Take a screenshot of the entire webpage

Taking screenshots of an entire article can be tiring—and it fills up your phone gallery fast. Did you know that you can take a photo of the entire website in one go? When you take your regular screenshot, pause before saving (or deleting) and choose "Full Page" capture instead of the default "Screen."

2| Hide selected photos

If you want to hide photos in your gallery, here's what to do. In your gallery, select the photos you want to hide. Tap the Share button (the square with an upward arrow), then choose Hide (eyeball symbol). It's that easy!


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3| Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass

Tired of squinting to read the ingredients list or something really tiny? Go to the Settings app, choose Accessibility, then turn the Magnifier toggle button on. Simply triple-click the iPhone lock button to use it.


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4| Quickly turn photos into PDFs

Need to send documents for work, but don't have a scanner at home? No problem. Press down and hold the Notes app, then select "Scan Document" from the pop-up menu. Go ahead and take those photos! You can choose to store the PDF on your phone, or share it with relevant people.

5| Easily share your location instead of typing out the entire address

Ever rushed out to run errands and forgot to tell someone where you were going? Instead of typing out the entire address, simply turn on your Location Services in the Privacy settings, then type out "I'm at" in iMessage. You'll see "Current Location" in the fill-in bar above the text box—share away!


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6| Zoom in on a certain point of your screenshot

Want to emphasize something in a screenshot you just took? Perhaps the model's cute bag, if you're saving OOTD pegs? We got you. When you take a screenshot, click the "+" symbol when editing it, then select "Magnifier." You can zoom in and enlarge the circle as you please.


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7| Missing the CTRL (or COMMAND) + F function when using Safari on mobile?

If you're reading a pretty long article on Safari mobile and lost your reference point, it can be pretty annoying to have to scroll up and down just to find a specific sentence. Solve this problem by typing your keyword in the search bar on top. Instead of selecting the blue "go" button, read the options displayed on your phone screen and select Find "On This Page".


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8| Record a video while music plays in the background

Don't you hate it when your phone pauses the song you're currently playing whenever you decide to record a video? Work around this by taking advantage of the QuickTake feature. Right now, the feature is available for selected models. But, all you have to do to try it out is hold down on the shutter button in Photo mode, and swipe right to lock and keep recording. Tap the shutter button again when you're done. Swipe up when you see 1x to change the video ratio to the vertical 16:9 format.


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9| Made a mistake entering a number in the calculator? Don't delete

Busy adding up how much you spent on that recent online shopping spree? If you make a mistake and input the wrong number, don't hit the C button to clear the entire formula. Instead, swipe left or right to backspace.

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10| You add a voiceover to screen recordings

If you're a budding vlogger, you've probably wanted to experiment with adding voiceovers to your content. Skip out on buying a mic when your iPhone allows you to save VOs for easier editing! Go to the dropdown menu, tap and hold the Screen Recording icon, then turn the microphone on. Then start recording your new voiceover!


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