8 Best Sleep Trackers for Getting a Better Night's Rest in 2019

If a new mattress, fancy earplugs, and prayers to the lord above can't get you sleeping better at night, then cold hard data might. Tracking your sleep gives you insights on your breathing, your heart rate, your REM cycles, your snoring, and whatever else affects your nightly slumber, with many trackers on the market feeding you advice based on that data so you can improve your habits. And not all sleep trackers are wearables; some slip under your mattress or sit on your nightstand for totally inconspicuous analysis. Here are eight sleep trackers (for any budget) that are a step above simple sleep-tracking apps.

Nokia Withings Sleep

Nokia's Withings Sleep tracker is pretty basic. You slide the pad under the mattress and check your stats on the app, which monitors sleep duration and quality, snoring patterns, and interruptions. It also pairs with Alexa. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you advice on how to sleep better, nor does it come with an alarm to wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. But it does pair with some smart home devices.



Tomorrow Sleeptracker

Tomorrow's under-mattress sleep tracker comes in two options—for a single person or for couples—and gives you all the basic feedback you need through its intuitive app: heart rate and breathing rate, and graphical representation of when you're in deep, REM sleep or lighter sleep. It also choses the best time to set an alarm so you wake up feeling fully rested, gives you tips on improving your sleep quality, and pairs with smart home devices. For comprehensive features at a good price, this is your best option. 


SleepScore Max

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SleepScore Max is a bedside tracker that dives deep into your sleep patterns to churn out loads of metrics—most helpfully, a score on a range from 1 to 100. That's a pretty simple way to rate your own sleep and try to do better, following the personalized advice SleepScore gives you. It also monitors room temperature, light level, and sound in your bedroom, and its smart alarm ensures you'll be roused at the lightest point in your cycle.


Fitbit Versa

There's always a fitness tracking watch to consider, if you don't mind wrist wear at night. For sleep tracking, Fitbit is the best brand, and the Fitbit Versa model is very good. By analyzing your sleep stages, it provides insights and builds a healthy sleep schedule, sending you notifications reminding you to stick to it. And the bonus of having it on your wrist is the light vibrating alarm you'll get each morning to wake up, which might suit you better than a loud alarm.



Beautyrest Sleeptracker

Beautyrest's sleep tracker is known for its accuracy, which explains the higher price point. It pairs with Alexa for ease of use. The two paddles go under your bed and can track two sleepers at once. And the data Beautyrest beams to its app is easy to digest, with sleep scores, charts, clocks, and trend reports spanning days, weeks, and months.


Emfit QS

Emfit QS was made for athletes. Specifically, athletes in bedtime recovery mode. It slides under the mattress and uses a sensor to track your heart rate from afar. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you can read your graphs and decide what kind of workout or training is best suited to your body. As in, if you didn't recover like you wanted to overnight, you'll know to take it easy.


Oura Ring

Oura makes a wearable that's far less obtrusive than your standard fitness watch. By sensing body temperature, pulse, and body movement throughout the night, it can provide a treasure trove of info about your sleep cycles and create healthy bedtime guidelines for you to follow. If you wear it throughout the day, it'll track your activity, steps, calories burned, heart rate, and more, making it a great all-around wellness tool.



Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

Eight Sleep's mattress cover monitors the left and right sides of the beds, tracking movement and breathing for you and your partner. Not only that, it has a warming feature, which can be preset and tailored for each side of the bed, and it connects with smart home devices, making it super simple to build a bed routine that syncs all your alarms and smart lightbulbs together.


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