The BlackBerry Is Officially Back: But Is It Any Good?

BlackBerry's clever KEYOne could be the surprise hit of 2017

In September last year BlackBerry announced it had stopped making phones.

Once nicknamed 'crackberry' by for their unputdownablity, their devices had been superseded by smartphones that prioritised apps and dispensed with physical keyboards. It was sad. BlackBerry really only did one thing but it did it better than any other phoneemail.

Well now it's back. Paying homage to the handsets of old, the KEYone marries a full QWERTY keyboard with a premium 4.5-inch touchscreen, a 12MP rear camera, a 8MP front camera and Android 7.1 so you can access any apps you like.

BlackBerry's pledge is that this hybrid is a real point of difference, and with the competition now so homogeneous it's hard to disagree. It's good to have the businessman's best friend back. Esquire found the KEYone fast, responsive and the return of real keys more than halved the time it takes to bang out an email on an iPhone.


Could this be the surprise hit of 2017?

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