How To Be A Pro Call of Duty Player, According To An Esports Gamer


Lock and load, gamers. The time has finally arrived to leap back into the action with a brand new Call of Duty game: Modern Warfare.

A soft reboot to the all-conquering franchise, this new rendition is bigger, bolder, and more refined, with better graphics—Captain Price’s ‘tache is looking particularly suave—and a deeper single-player campaign. Most importantly, though, there's a brand-new multiplayer to get stuck into.

Call of Duty is the granddaddy of all first-person shooters, and arguably birthed an esports industry that sees gamers earn millions of dollars in massive tournaments. Because it's tough to see the downsides of becoming a millionaire by playing video games, we went on the hunt for some top tips to improve our Call of Duty skills.

Here, YouTube CoD star Braderz offers his top tips for success in Modern Warfare, based on his hours of pre-release hands-on.

Look at the compass

"When you’re under enemy fire, it can be tough to know just where your opponent is firing from, especially on brand new maps you’ve not played before. Enemy fire shows up on the compass at the very top of the screen, pointing you in the direction of where the shots are coming from. Use the compass to know what direction the enemy is in—from there you can decide whether you want to get out of the way or play aggressive and hunt them down."

Super sprint

"If you’ve played Call of Duty before, you’ll know how to sprint around the map. But in Modern Warfare, you can get around even faster. You can use what I like to call 'Super Sprint'. This allows you to get to places faster than just running normally. To activate this, simply tap 'sprint' twice. You’ll know when you’ve done it, as your weapon will be raised and you’ll be sprinting across the map at super speeds."


Use the Gunsmith

"You can use the Gunsmith to make a weapon feel more personal to you and your play style. The more you use a weapon, the more attachments and modifications you can unlock. Attachments can change the weapon drastically, both visually and physically. With up to 60 different modifications available for each gun, some of these can completely change the way you play. For example, if you like the feel of the AK47 assault rifle, but prefer close range engagements, you can change the attachments and bullet type to convert it into an AK74u submachine-gun. Gunsmith allows you to tailor a weapon to how you like to play."

Want more Perks?

"Perk selection can be hard. If you want to get some more Perks on your class, you need to equip the 'Specialist' perk. This replaces your killstreaks with Perks so that upon reaching certain kill targets in a single life, you’ll get another one. With so many Perks to choose from, each being beneficial in different situations, it can be impossible to get all the ones you want. The Specialist Perk can help make that possible—you’ll just have to survive long enough without your killstreaks."

The Defcon Nuke

"I bet you haven’t heard this one before: the Defcon Nuke. When you’re playing Domination with five flags in the larger player count games, you and your team can get an instant win by following this sneaky tip. If you really want to win, capture all of the flags. It sounds simple, but if you hold all five flags for a long enough time then a Defcon Nuke will go off, ending the game and giving your team the win. Just make sure you’re not on the receiving end of a Defcon Nuke. You’d better go capture those flags first."

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