The Cities That Boast the Fastest 5G Speeds on the Planet

BRB, moving.

Did this page take 10 seconds to load? You’re not the only one frustrated with the stone age internet speed in the Philippines. But in some parts of the world, the concept of “loading” and “buffering” doesn’t exist because they boast the fastest 5G speeds on the planet. Downloading a one GB file? Give it two seconds. How about a 100 GB file? Wait three minutes. No overnight downloads, no fanning your phone praying it won’t overheat.

The city with the fastest average 5G download speeds is none other than Jeonju, the 16th-largest city in South Korea, where you can download anything at an average speed of 415 MBps. Curiously enough, Jeonju isn't even a huge city like Seoul. Instead of the country's urban jungle boasting the fastest download speeds, it's instead actually a quaint little Korean tourist town. Go figure. 

Taiwan’s Hsinchu City takes second place with 360.1 MBPs. After Korea and Taiwan, the next top cities come from the Middle East: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, UAE.


Meanwhile, the Philippines is far from the top of the list with an average 5G download speed of 113.5 MBPs. But hey, we were still recognized by OpenSignal for having the second most “improved” 5G versus 4G performance. But it still looks like we’ll have to tolerate buffering for a while.

Infographic: The Cities With The Fastest 5G Speeds | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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