Count on Facebook to Remind You Just How Shitty 2017 Was

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While the year isn’t quite over yet (as of publication, we have three more weeks to make things even worse), Facebook just launched its annual Year In Review feature. This includes a retrospective tool that takes stock of your entire 2017 in numbers: all the new friends you’ve made, all the times that people liked your posts, your biggest fans. You know—the sort of figures on which millennials hedge their entire self-worth. So go ahead and check that out if you’d like to exacerbate your insecurities, you friendless nobody.

And if that isn’t depressing enough for your tastes, Facebook—the hivemind of the 21st century and quite possibly the fifth horseman of the apocalypse—also bothered to compile all the standout moments of 2017 based on the top keywords that trended throughout the year. Omitting occasional topics like Mother’s Day or Halloween, which are curved based on their regular annual numbers, Facebook’s Year In Review points out the moments that ultimately defined the last 365 days. The results are sad, but unsurprising:


shooting in Las Vegas, the earthquake in Mexico, and Hurricane Harvey are part of the list, along with less direct indications that 2017 really fucked us over: One Love Manchester, an Ariana Grande concert that she held in response to the bombing of Manchester; and the Women’s March on D.C., which opposed the xenophobia and misogyny of President Donald Trump. You could even count the Super Bowl, because it had everyone talking about Colin Kaepernick and all the athletes who participated in #TakeAKnee—a movement set off by Trump’s inherently racist brand of nationalism. In fact, the solar eclipse might be the only topic that neither harmed people nor was a result of harming people.

We’re close to one whole year away from 2016—the shitstorm of a year that it was—and still, it isn’t clear if things are looking up for the human race. The only thing we can really be sure of is that come December 2018, Facebook will be there to remind us about all the many ways that the world will have fallen apart. But hey, it’s all good if your friends are still liking your posts, right?

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