An Ichiran VR Ramen Game Exists, And It's Amazing


If you're a huge ramen fan, chances are, you miss Ichiran big time. (For the ramen purists out there, yes, we know Ichiran a ramen chain... but it's still far from a tourist trap.) Although we can get the instant version of the chain's ramen in our local supermarkets, the Ichiran experience we all miss has a lot to do with the individual boots and bamboo curtains.

Well, listen up because Ichiran has released a new VR game that allows you to live out the whole thing and more. This time around, you can get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes—or, the bamboo curtain—as the cooking game's chef.

Developed by Tricol, Counter Fight Ichiran, allows you to become an Ichiran employee and cook ramen. It feels pretty real, too, thanks to Oculus' VR capabilities. This is the closest thing you can do to enjoy the atmosphere of the ramen chain.

According to the game's description, Counter Fight Ichiran allows you to "reproduce in-game the particulars of Ichiran, such as judging the beauty of presentation and the "15-second standard" to maintain the freshness of ramen."

The game is pretty spot-on as it features the Kaedama plates, order sheets, original spicy red sauce, and Arita porcelain original donburi bowls. Why not play the game and then finish off by cooking up an Ichiran instant ramen pack?

Watch Counter Fight Ichiran's gameplay below.


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