This Ergonomic Mouse Looks Like a Starship From the Future

Not all computer mice should look like a mouse.

Ever since the first computer mouse was invented in the 1940s, not much has changed in its design. Originally, the mouse was a rectangular device connected to a cable that links with a computer. The Douglas Engelbart Mouse is considered the original mouse on which many designs of today’s computer mice are based. 

Since then, no significant change has been made to the mouse’s ergonomic design. Manufacturers streamlined the body to make it fit in the palm of your hand. 

The Evolution of the Computer Mouse

Photo by Mark Richards | Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons.

Photo by Hellisp | Wikimedia Commons.

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Photo by Shutterstock.
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Ergonomic Mouse

One particular mouse caught our attention because of the way it diverges from traditional design. The ErgoSmooth ergonomic mouse is a type of vertical mouse that looks like the Star Trek logo. 

Photo by ErgoSmooth | Gotchu Philippines.

The prolonged use of a mouse strains your wrist muscles because of the angle of your hand when moving the mouse. One advantage of the ErgoSmooth mouse is how it distributes pressure from your wrist to your forearm by simply changing the position of your palm on the mouse. This results in a more comfortable navigation of your computer. 

Photo by ErgoSmooth | Gotchu Philippines.

Designed in the U.S., the mouse’s ergonomic design reduces the risk of developing musculoskeletal complications like carpal tunnel syndrome, parasthesia, and hyposthesia. Its 57-degree vertical angle allows your hand to follow a neutral position to reduce pressure on your wrist and allow your thumb to fit snugly on the thumb rest. 

A Mouse for Lefties

What is an ergonomic mouse if it doesn’t cater to left-handed people? The ErgoSmooth has a variant designed for lefties. Its structure is designed to encourage a natural hold on the mouse, with a wired and wireless version. 

The mouse, which comes in black or white, is powered by two triple-A batteries (that could be a downside since you can’t recharge this, hence the wired version). It weighs 109 grams, but with the two batteries, it would weigh a little bit heavier. It also comes with one USB receiver so you can connect it to your computer’s Bluetooth. 

Photo by ErgoSmooth | Gotchu Philippines.

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