Here's How Much Content You Missed During Yesterday's Facebook Outage

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Yesterday, millions of people seemed to have more free time than usual, as they were unable to access their Facebook accounts. This extended to other apps owned by Facebook such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Facebook revealed on its official Twitter page that the outage was due to a “server configuration change.” It then said its systems were already recovering from the downtime.

Some reports estimate the outage lasted for more than 14 hours—though some estimates go as high as 24. But most agree that it is the longest downtime the the website has ever experienced.

And while the outage was only observed in certain countries around the world, we are dedicating this article to all the content we may have missed out in those 14 (or more) hours of downtime.

Here’s What You Missed on Facebook

A 2016 report by digital marketing firm Smart Insights estimated that every minute there are 3.3 million new posts on Facebook, 66,000 new photos uploaded on Instagram, and 29 million messages sent on WhatsApp. Recent reports on Messenger say that around 10 billion messages are sent on the platform every month.


Translating those numbers to a 14-hour period, which was the approximate length of time of yesterday's outage, the Internet missed out on around 166.3 billion Facebook posts, 3.3 billion Instagram uploads, 1.5 trillion WhatsApp messages, and 11.6 billion Messenger messages.

Also, 14 hours of inaccessible Facebook Messenger meant that at least 1.3 billion gifs remained unsent. We also want to pay our respects to the 175 billion emojis that Messenger users weren’t able to send during the outage.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s speech in Facebook’s latest earnings report, over two billion people around the world use at least one of Facebook’s apps each day.

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