These Filipino Students Made an Authentic Minecraft Replica of Their University

This server gives a new meaning to virtual reality.

The pandemic has no doubt brought about an entirely new way of life for people to adjust to staying at home. These new norms push the limits of creativity so that we can cope with the current situation. College students are no different. 

With online learning being the norm, many students have not been able to step foot inside their universities for over a year. The simple experiences of being able to greet each other in the hallways, or waiting in line in front of one of the cafeteria food stalls seem to now live in the faraway past. 

That’s why the Minecraft Team from the University of Asia and the Pacific—composed of Dessy Aldana, Timothy Bowes, Kaleb Cendana, Gab Fajardo, and Mike Racho—put their heads together to create a replica of their university. This gives students a university experience that’s as close to reality as possible—that is, through Minecraft.

Minecraft is a popular gaming app that allows players to build their own world with pixelated blocks. Users have the opportunity to stretch their creativity and use their imagination to put together whatever they can think of. It can also be used to interact with other players, which is perfect for filling in the void of social interaction that has come with the pandemic. 

“Whether you're a dragon (the term to describe UA&P students) trying to relive the UA&P experience or an online student who never got to experience the school in person, now's your chance to do so,” Bowes shared in a Facebook post. 


The team has also made a few adjustments to the server, adding locations that may not be in the school itself. “UA&P has never had a swimming pool but we might have finally done something about that,” Timothy added in the post. 

For the most part, though, the Minecraft server is almost exactly like the school. From the auditoriums and university gardens to the cafeteria stalls and trees, the server captures each of the university’s iconic locations. 

Here are some side by side comparisons:

watch now

The server took the team around five months to build, and it holds around 30 people at the maximum. Visitors are welcome, however the server will only be on until September 7. 

You can watch the video teaser for the server below.

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