Somebody Created Filipino-Themed Rooms on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and They’re Pretty Impressive

Nice to see Filipino touches on the popular video game.
IMAGE Reddit u/yellowonigiri

Video games have been a saving grace for many people during the quarantine period. While there are those who’ve been playing for years, there’s no denying how many more have picked up new consoles and games since being forced to stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just ask Nintendo, the makers of the insanely popular video game series Animal Crossing. The latest edition, called New Horizons developed for the Switch and launched just last March, has sold an incredible 13.4 million as of the first week of May 2020. That makes it not just the fastest-selling game in the series, but also the bestselling digital console game of all time.

No wonder then that it’s got tons of fans all over the world. And Reddit user yellowonigiri is one of them.

“I’ve been playing since 2012 when New Leaf came out on the 3DS,” yellowonigiri tells Esquire Philippines. “I was looking around for some games which weren’t always fast-paced or action-based and this was recommended to me. I was instantly hooked as it was such a slow-paced game, that it literally forced you to take it day-by-day.”

The user is such a fan that he created a Filipino-themed room in the game. 

“The reason I decided to make a Pinoy-themed room was that I was seeing a lot of Japanese-themed islands and was inspired to see if I can make something that represented the Southeast Asian culture where I came from, which was the Philippines,” he adds. “So, I looked online for inspiration and from my memories of being in the Philippines when I was a child and put together something that resembled a traditional Filipino home from what I remember.”

Photo by Reddit u/yellowonigiri.

Yellowonigiri says it took him a few days to get the items, craft them and move them around to fit the room. But it seems the effort paid off. After posting a photo of the room on Reddit, he got encouraging comments from other users who were impressed with the details in the rendering. They also gave yellowonigiri constructive comments and suggestions, which he took into account when he made a second room.

The biggest change in the second room is the addition of the gigantic spoon and fork hanging on the wall, which many Reddit users mentioned in their comments on the first room.

Photo by Reddit u/yellowonigiri.
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Another addition is a picture of the Last Supper, practically a requirement in most Filipino households. The kapis windows, baro’t saya, walis tambo, and bamboo mat, are also nice touches.

“Hope that Nintendo adds more item relating to Southeast Asian culture in the future," he says.

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