These Filipino Men are Making Global Careers Out of Their YouTube Videos

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Who would've thought being a YouTuber could be a lucrative profession?

That might still be hard to grasp for some, but it’s no secret that many of the platform’s most popular personalities are now earning millions of dollars every year. Forbes’ latest list of the highest-paid YouTube stars has a seven-year-old toy reviewer at the top who made $22 million last year.

Yes, that’s a seven-year-old boy earning over P1.1 billion a year by uploading videos on YouTube.

It’s no wonder that many have turned to YouTube as their main source of livelihood. And being the Internet-obsessed country we are, many Filipinos have come out and made their marks on the platform. These YouTubers aren’t only gaining a sizable audience from their fellow Filipinos, but they’ve also caught the attention of many fans from around the world.

Here are five Filipino YouTubers whom you should take note of. They have all amassed at least one million subscribers from around the world.

1| Roi Fabito

We’d be remiss if we don’t make Roi Fabito, better known as Guava Juice, the first person on a list of Filipino YouTube stars. If his content of viral challenges, toys, and other comedy videos aren’t your style, he’ll earn your respect with the 13 million subscribers he’s gained over the last few years.

Fabito is also known as one-half of the original team behind Wassabi Productions, a sketch comedy and vlog channel he created with another Filipino YouTuber, Alex Wassabi. That channel currently has over 11 million subscribers.


2| Dominic Panganiban

If you’ve followed YouTube trends over the past few years, you’ll notice one of the emerging genres is animation storytelling. And one of its biggest names is Domics, a Filipino-born and Canada-based YouTuber who uploads various animated videos about his life and experiences.

His screen name combines real name Dominic Panganiban and “comics,” as he first gained an online following from his web comics on Tumblr. Today, his animations are watched by his over 6.5 million subscribers.

3| Dominic Sandoval

This second Dominic first took the spotlight as one of the members of Quest Crew, which was the winning team on MTV reality show America’s Best Dance Crew. Now, D-Trix is best known for his YouTube channel theDOMINICshow, which boasts over 3.6 million subscribers.

While many of Sandoval’s videos show off his dancing skills and elaborate choreography, he also uploads comedic sketches as well as clips about his daily life.

4| Wil Dasovich

If you’ve heard the name before, you probably saw him during his time as a housemate on local reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother. (Don’t worry, we won’t judge.) But for Wil Dasovich's over 1.7 million subscribers, the Filipino-American personality is best known for his vlogs about his travels and his personal life.

Because of his time in Pinoy Big Brother, he’s featured many of his fellow ABS-CBN stars in his videos. In a video, he also revealed that he is the nephew of ABS-CBN news anchor Karen Davila.

5| Matthew Castro

If you checked out the Forbes list of highest-paid YouTube stars above, you’ll notice that half of them have gaming channels, or YouTube pages dedicated to video game playthroughs and commentaries. Matthew Castro, also known as MagikarpUsedFly, is putting his own twist on the popular genre, and he’s gained over 1.1 million subscribers so far.

watch now

Much of Castro’s content revolves around multiplayer video game and eSports giant League of Legends. But he has also uploaded playthroughs of various other video games.

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