We Give You the Face Mask of the Future: A Wearable Air Purifier


This is it. In the battle to come up with the most innovative, and sometimes just weirdest, mask of all time, LG takes home the gold. We give you: the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier.

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Not only does it clean air inside the mask, it also makes you look like you've stepped out of a Star Trek film, and we are living for it.

While regular masks make you feel like you already have a respiratory problem by just breathing through it, the LG mask is designed to make breathing as easy as if you weren’t wearing a mask at all. Although you probably might still sound like Darth Vader when you speak with it on.

The mask is equipped with its own respiratory sensor that tracks the rate of your breathing and the volume of the air you intake. These sensors work with three-speed fans that spin faster when you inhale and slow down when you exhale to make breathing easy.

Photo by LG.

The best part? It won’t fog up your glasses. It’s been specifically designed to make it comfortable to wear for hours (no worried about mask marks with this one) and to prevent air from sneaking out so it doesn’t fog up your glasses (finally!).

Since it’s electronic, you’ll need to charge it, and the case it comes in is equipped with ultraviolet lights that will disinfect it for you.

The question that’s on all of our minds is just how much this face mask of the future will cost, but whatever it is, you bet your ass people will be lining up for it.

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