Apparently, Filipinos are Googling Dalgona Coffee, Leche Flan, and Pancakes 'More than How to Prevent COVID-19'

Shout out to the homeschool parents googling 'how to divide fractions.'
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Google’s year in searches report is out, and it’s got us scratching our heads. In the year 2020, the most search phrases in the world were “coronavirus,” “election results,” “kobe bryant,” and “zoom.”

These were pretty much expected, but then things get weird if you zoom into Philippine searches. Apparently, Filipinos searched “NBA score” more than “coronavirus” and “taal volcano” during this pandemic year. Trust Filipinos to have more faith in basketball than fear in coronavirus.

As for news topics, Filipinos searched for “US election 2020” the most, more than the next top searches: “coronavirus,” “Taal volcano,” “first day of school,” and “”

Photo by Google.

But it’s the how-tos that got us. Last year, “how to type enye” was one of the top searches in the Philippines, and this year’s top how-to might beat even that: “how to make dalgona coffee.” Filipino netizens appear to be more concerned about making coffee than wearing a surgical mask, and making leche flan over “how to prevent COVID-19.”


Other how-tos that ranked higher than preventing COVID: “how to divide fractions,” “how to solve quadratic equations,” and “how to make pancakes.”

Now the pancakes and quadratic equations searches, we understand. Both require careful analysis and complex formulas. But “how to divide fractions”? It could just be techy fifth-graders Googling how to answer their DepEd modules. Or is it the parents, who more often than not are the ones taking over their kids’ modules? If that’s the case, we are concerned about these parentals who’ve forgotten elementary math

Food-related searches showed up three times on this how-to list. With all the existential, quarantine stress-eating, we aren’t surprised that “how to compute BMI” is also trending among Filipinos.

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